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Dream Ambassador

Dream Ambassador

Dream Ambassador is our platform that amplifies the reach of ambassador-driven content from various social channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s ideal for both brand and ambassadors alike.

For brands:

+ Maximises the potential of an existing ambassador

+ Enables dynamic social content to be driven through
   the website.

+ Showcases ambassador-driven content that can be
   linked to specific products.

+ Can extend into other services, such as EDM,
   promotions, etc.

For Ambassadors: 

+ Provides ambassadors with a centralised repository
   for their social content, blog, etc.

+ Extends profile and reach beyond personal network for
   more exposure.

+ Increase social signals via brand domain and authority.

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Dream Mail

Dream Mail

Dream Mail is a fully-integrated email marketing solution that we built specifically for October CMS. Ideal for marketers who run frequent email marketing campaigns, Dream Mail allows authors to customise their email template content by pulling it directly from their website. Whether it's a popular selling product, or a recipe that you'd like to push to a specific group list of subscribers, Dream Mail allows you to seamlessly integrate specific website content with your newsletter. 

Furthermore, we've researched the best analytics available for email and integrated them directly into the CMS. Authors can now benefit from managing the entire email marketing requirements directly from their website. 

Dream Mail features include:
+ Add users directly from your website database
+ Add featured items directly from your website
+ Dashboard of metrics for measuring campaign
   effectiveness, complete with behavioural
   analytics and click tracking

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Dream Analytics

Dream Analytics

Businesses that are serious about improving their brand are using Google Analytics to make better informed decisions online. It can be difficult to create a wider strategy for analysing / reporting on these great features that Google Analytics offers. As a result, the data being captured doesn’t actually help key decision makers in a usable or effective manner. Capturing data is the easy part, however, it must be distilled into business language in order to be most effective for business growth.

This is why we created Dream Analytics; a tool that utilises the Google Analytics API to enable custom reporting directly from the website back-end. Custom reports can also be shared with the team via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Moving forward, data-driven decision making will become more practical, brand direction more clear and business growth more achievable.  

Dream Analytics features include: 

 + Simple Google Analytics reporting setup

 + Add goal tracking and custom conversion metrics  

 + Send reports to unlimited team members 

 + Schedule automated email reporting 

 + Simple graphs and data presentation 

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