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A cloud-based platform for building the
Edmonds Cooking recipe loyalty programme.

Establishing the Edmonds Loyalty Programme

Establishing the Edmonds Loyalty Programme

Edmonds was planning to run Flybuys and Onecard in-store promotions across New Zealand supermarkets nationwide. With so many brands competing for consumers limited attention, launching a successful loyalty programme can be a complicated feat. 

In order to increase campaign reach, Dream Config was engaged to develop an online promotion that would boost promotion awareness, as well as offer incentives for joining their recipe loyalty programme. 

A comprehensive cloud-based platform

A comprehensive cloud-based platform

To maximise company spend, instead of a one-off campaign, we set out to develop a cloud-based app that would enable Goodman Fielder as a parent company the ability to reskin and run unlimited promotions across their 20+ brands. Using October CMS as our preferred large-scale open-source platform meant that we could seamlessly integrate promotion data, metrics and website analytics into the existing brand websites that we also built on October CMS. Ultimately, this allows brand managers the ability to more effectively run and measure campaign effectiveness by removing costly double handling and reporting tasks. 

The result for Edmonds was significant, adding 13,000+ members to their recipe loyalty database, as well as boosting product and recipe engagement on their website. It’s clear that companies with multiple sub-brands will benefit from using a unified technology platform combined with a comprehensive digital strategy to become more efficient with their digital landscape and objectives moving forward. 

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