Wild Pilates

Startup brand and digital go-to-market plan for scaleable, long-term growth.

Dare to differentiate

Dare to differentiate

Wild Pilates came to Dream Config with a solid vision for what their business could become. It required a unique identity and online presence so they could access a specific target audience that had a love for the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness brands tend to offer similar experiences, which ultimately makes them difficult to differentiate. We were determined to make Wild Pilates stand out as a leader in Pilates in Auckland. 

Find what fits you

Find what fits you

It helped that founder, Laura Mohi already had a strong vision for what she enjoyed - pilates and nature. After prototyping a few names with simplified logos, she came to the conclusion that Wild Pilates was ideal for her business as it incorporated her current lifestyle and company aspirations. 

Once we had the name we could begin to experiment with colour palettes, patterns and imagery. Nike sets the tone for what good brand communication looks like. We took inspiration from that and applied it to the Wild Pilates image. Darker colours contrasted by white type gave it a serious and natural feel that fits well with exercise. Combined with studio imagery, Wild Pilates had officially taken shape.

We kept the website simple as beyond offering a strong brand presence it needed to incorporate booking functionality via Mind Body, powerful studio management software. 

Craft CMS allowed us to design and build a flexible, unique website that was easy to add+update content and offered functionality that could scale longer term around specific business requirements as the startup evolved. 

The outcome is a beautiful brand and website that accurately reflects the essence of Wild Pilates. 

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