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Establishing a scalable digital strategy

Establishing a scalable digital strategy

More than 1 million eye examinations are performed in New Zealand each year. Optometry is a forward-thinking industry when it comes to tech, with complex diagnostics tools helping prescribe issues earlier than ever before.

Globally, one company continually pushing the boundaries in optometry is Essilor, with its aim being to ‘improve lives by improving site’. In New Zealand, Essilor has a network of optometrists who are a part of its platinum partner programme - top performers amongst their peers that are committed to their mission.  

With the aim of giving each of its orthodontists a better profile and more reach within their local community, we were asked to create a scalable website design and development programme exclusively for platinum partners members. The programme included  an extensive range of digital services - website design and development, digital marketing, SEO, content creation, copywriting and 3rd party software integrations. 

Developing the right technology stack

Developing the right technology stack

Key requirements for this type of business (SME) included simple websites that were modern, easy to maintain and integratable with their existing tools and workflows, such as a popular booking platform called MyHealthFirst, who is Australia's #1 online appoints directory for independent optoms and  leading the SaaS booking and appointments management in the healthcare sector. 

For the websites, we chose CraftCMS to develop a reusable template (Dream Theme) that enabled us to quickly design and develop unique looking websites with virtually no development. Our Dream Theme CMS has fast become a great alternative to Wordpress due to the minimal maintenance required and intuitive content management (CMS) layout. 

It also allows for flexibility when optometrists require specific features to fit their needs, such as the ability to re-order contact lenses and book appointments online.

Seeing the benefit for New Zealand small business

Seeing the benefit for New Zealand small business

Eye Spy Optometrists in Palmerston North was one of the first to go through the website design and development programme, with an objective of leverage the website to drive the practice’s bottom line. After the website was completed, our growth strategy complete with SEO optimisation, promotions, and other specific digital marketing services. As a result Eye Spy has seen an additional $15-$20k in monthly revenue being directly attributable to customers using the website. 

Thanks to a mixture of clever digital strategy and scalable technology, we’ve managed to help a large organisation seamlessly provide a comprehensive digital offering to their small business customers, who have directly benefited with increased sales and brand equity - a win win or everyone!


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