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A Clearer Sense of Direction

A Clearer Sense of Direction

Over the years Buro Seating has consistently focused on educating its audience on their core strengths as an ergonomic office chair and seating manufacturer. In doing so, they have managed to cement themselves as a leader in office chairs and corporate seating for private/corporate businesses, architects and education facilities throughout NZ/AU.

In order to meet their key strategic business priorities, which have changed considerably since Covid-19, Buro was aware that in addition to their website redesign there were additional areas of their online presence worth examining further.

As websites continue to become more of a commodity, without a clear understanding of how your audience engages with your digital landscape as a whole, making improvements in one area can create inconsistencies in another, causing costly mistakes that require considerable amounts of rework, ultimately hindering desired progress and competitive edge. Conversely, when business and online goals are aligned correctly, it makes it much easier to confirm what should be measured, learnt from and improved on in a constantly evolving environment. 

Evaluating The Entire Digital Ecosystem

Evaluating The Entire Digital Ecosystem

Since Buro understood the importance of evaluating their digital ecosystem as a whole, in addition to supporting their website redesign partner with website structure and SEO recommendations, the crux of our solution focused on developing a comprehensive digital strategy to support it. Once the process of combining business and online goals was completed, Buro could action their strategic roadmap as a whole - putting the right technologies and processes in place in order to continue to be a leader in their industry now and well into the future. 

It began with our Discovery Workshop - a starting point that identifies the challenges and uncovers specific opportunities to be executed over the subsequent 6-12 months. Throughout the Discovery process, it was evident that Buro already had achieved what many brands in their industry were striving for - great relationships with their B2B resellers. So it became clear that our greatest opportunity was to create similar levels of support and engagement with their B2C channels, which ultimately drive the purchasing decisions for their B2B resellers. 

The first project identified post Discovery Workshop was our Digital Channel Strategy, which enabled us to get under the hood and examine current performance and opportunities across all the Buro channels in play. Once the audit was completed, we were also able to assign a value for each channel that wasn’t previously understood, which enabled us to prioritise low hanging opportunities that could be passed along to their internal marketing team, vs the larger, longer tailed workstreams that could be broken up into smaller tasks and chipped away at over a longer period of time. 

We then took our Channel Strategy insights into our next project, the Content Strategy, which included identifying brand content pillars and developing a series of long form SEO blog content that would act as a benchmark for SEO copywriting best practice. Moving forward, it meant that Buro’s internal copywriting team could now focus on improving organic traffic themselves, which was a fundamental capability that wasn't being considered previously.  



Our final project that came out of the Discovery Workshop and was completed prior to the new website launching was Conversion Tracking, which would help ensure that Buro could more accurately measure, report on and optimise various digital metrics moving forward. It involved creating a tracking plan that identified which metrics could and should be tracked based on their original marketing and business strategic priorities. Once these metrics were confirmed, it was a matter of implementing them on the website via Google Tag Manager. With Google tags now gathering data from critical touch points throughout the website, we leveraged another one of Google’s powerful and free reporting tools Looker Studio to create custom dashboards for each department within Buro. Providing different teams with their own set of metrics that were specific to their needs meant more context and better informed decision making across the entire organisation as a result. 

What we managed to achieve with Buro leading up to their website redesign was in fact a complete digital transformation, which got to the core of their users behaviours and what a reimagined customer experience can and should look like. 

Moving forward,  Buro can now confidently narrow its focus on delivering more value to both B2B and B2C customers online, which in turn will ensure that they remain a leader in the ergonomic office chair and furniture manufacturing space for many years to come. 

If you'd like to learn more about how digital transformation can help your organisation thrive, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

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