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New Zealand's most well known cookery book.

Showcase popular recipes for everyday baking needs

Showcase popular recipes for everyday baking needs

The goal of the redesign was simple: showcase products and recipes for everyday baking needs. Within the first four months of launch, the website already has over 13,000 users in its database and sees, on average 2,000+ visitors per month. Our fully custom CMS called October keeps everything organised in the backend, and allows for scalable enhancements as business requirements evolve. 

High-value functionality on the back-end

High-value functionality on the back-end

One of those scalable enhancements integrated shortly after the website, was a custom EDM (email marketing) platform that allows marketers to send email campaigns directly from the website, which saves considerable time when creating newsletters and campaigns. A metrics dashboard also enables them to see a suite of information related to email opens, readability and overall campaign effectiveness. 

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