Wānaka Festival of Colour

Reigniting the renowned flagship arts event with bespoke website design and development.

The Challenge

The Challenge

The Festival of Colour is one of the most renowned arts festivals in the entire South Island of New Zealand. It boasts a world class programme taking place in a rural setting surrounded by majestic mountains and lake views that attracts strong visitors from all over the world.

Despite its prestige and cult following, The Festival of Colour had not updated its brand or website for nearly 10 years, which ultimately meant that it no longer reflected the festival's successful growth, nor the needs of its audience by today’s standards. 

Project Goals

Project Goals

With the festival having an additional year-long hiatus due to the pandemic, it was an opportune time to rethink how it could capture the imagination and interest of previous attendees and younger audiences with a new revitalised website redesign. 

It was clear from the outset that we had an opportunity to improve how intuitive the site would be for users to navigate and complete their objectives around viewing programmes, purchasing tickets and general festival logistics. So like any relevant website brief these days, it would need to include emphasis on the following:

  1. Improving the website's overall user experience

  2. Enhancing the website's visual appeal and functionality

  3. Making the website more user-friendly for mobile devices

  4. Aligning the website with newly designed brand identity

  5. Increasing ticket sales and attendance through the website by catering for younger audiences
Our Solution

Our Solution

The new website design would ultimately take a modern and minimalist approach, incorporating the brand work of  new bold colours, culturally inspired iconography and eccentric photography to reflect the festival's unique, vibrant and performative ethos. Mobile-friendly-ness was prioritised ensuring it is easily accessible across all devices and screen sizes.

For the development of The Festival of Colour's website, we chose to use Webflow CMS due to its flexibility and ease of use for smaller, non-technical administrators.

Once the CMS was chosen, it was time to get busy with creating custom templates for each page. These templates were designed to be modular, allowing the festival's team to add and amend content with ease, while maintaining a consistent look and feel across the site. When it came to the festival events themselves, the team benefited from full control around creating and managing new programmes, including details such as date, time, location, and ticket price.

Prior to go live, our last port of call was to set up adequate website tracking and reporting to enable key user behaviour insights. Our solution was to use Google Analytics and specific event tracking metrics that would feed into a cutomised Looker Studio dashboard. Moving forward, FOC will benefit from having the ability to leverage historical festival data in order to inform key decision making with regard to their festivals in the future.   

Festival Results

Festival Results

Since the site was launched in only just a few weeks it had over 15K new users, including over 8K visitors on a single day. Feedback has also been extremely positive, which indicates to a large degree that the site did its job in enabling thousands of tickets to be purchased, resulting in the most tickets purchased online in the festivals history.

The 2023 Festival in numbers:

 - 79% of tickets purchased online

 - $264,135i in ticket sales

 - 34% new audiences

Immersing ourselves in the arts and culture world in order to bring a world class lineup of artists to Wānaka's doorstep was a community-felt experience that we were proud to be a part of. 

Imagery by Deanna Gerlach

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