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Craft CMS

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is our ‘Wordpress alternative’ to creating custom, high-value websites for small to medium size projects. We choose Craft over Wordpress as it's a popular, open-source content management system that caters nicely to every pillar of a website -  content management, design, and development. The clean and simple dashboard makes it easy for clients to take full control of their content editing needs on the back-end. Craft is not based on templates, which is ideal for designers who work closely with brands wanting to look unique from their competitors online. For developers, Craft offers powerful tools that speed up the development process and enable the flexibility savvy businesses require in the long run. 

The benefits of Craft CMS:
+ Easily manage site-wide content in-house
+ Loads of native features vs 3rd party plugins
+ Built-in Google Analytics dashboard
+ Less maintenance overtime
+ More secure
+ Easily extended features as business
   requirements evolve

open source

Twig (PHP)


October CMS

October CMS

October CMS is our preferred option for larger scale, more complex projects. It's one of the most popular Laravel-based CMS’s around, likely due to it's ability to offer rapid customisation for a developer as well as simple dashboard for client management on the back-end. With October CMS we start from a clean slate, adding every feature specific to the requirement along the way. This enables us to build flexible, high-value software specific to the business case - ideal for the types of projects we typically work on. We've taken it a step further by developing our own October CMS base template, so we can now offer the same features you'd expect in most off-the-shelf CMS's already baked in, rather than have to build from the ground up each time. 

This exciting and powerful tool provides the goods when it comes to building complex websites, promotions and web apps that require robust capability, simple management and a high-value business outcomes.

The benefits of October CMS:
+ A robust platform for developing larger scale projects
+ Simple dashboard and content layout for authors
+ Flexible - no pre-existing feature assumptions
+ Built-in Google Analytics dashboard
+ Minimal updates / maintenance required
+ Integration ready - add services like Dream Mail for
   sending EDM’s directly from the CMS

open source




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