Just another Coronavirus To Do list.

Practical advice for business owners during lockdown.

Here are five things you can do tomorrow that will help your brand online during epidemic downtime.

Gain awareness - firstly, having perspective is paramount. Here in New Zealand we’re currently at Level 4 of lockdown, but what happens when we go back to Level 3, 2 and so on? Being able to anticipate change and having a game plan for when it does is paramount for riding the upswing and getting back to doing what you love quicker - assuming you still love it. Keep on top of the rules and regulations people, and stay nimble!

Ask for helpasking your clients to complete Google Reviews (the little stars next to your website search results) is a small favour that will help your business gain more credibility online. Google Reviews are linked to your google business account (set one up here if you don’t have one already), and having them is an easy way to boost your search engine optimisation and brand awareness online. 

Communicate - keep clients informed on how you’re adapting to the Covid-19 crisis. Write a blog post. Make it long form (2,500+ words) along with regular posts (1 per month) and you’ll be on your way to improving your search rankings over time. If it gets tedious, hire a professional copywriter to take it off your hands and they will benefit from seeing how you write, the tone of the business and what could ultimately become the new comms strategy moving forward.

Test & learn - why not upskill? Google Page Speed Insights is the tip of the iceberg in terms of understanding website performance. It will tell you how fast your website loads and the areas where improvements can be made. You’ll likely require your developer to make the fixes, however, if you better understand what good performance looks like you’ll be more aware of where the improvements can be made to maximise your customers’ experience. 

Think longer termNo better time than a recession to build a stronger brand position to nurture existing and reach new customers. In order to do so effectively, you’ll need a playbook of sorts. Develop one with the help of marketing guru Seth Godin - his 10 commandments should resonate nicely. 

Stay sane (bonus) - the body is a temple. Check out Wild Pilates (shameless client plug)  online courses, or Joe the Body Coach’s YouTube channel for fun exercises you can do each day to stay on top of the ol’ rig before reaching for that sweet treat. 

Stay safe,
Dream Team

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