How to create a strategy for growth online

The nuts and bolts of building a digital strategy

Having a newly-created digital asset is exciting. Design, development and testing are complete, final sign-off is in the books and it's time to go-live.

So, what happens next?

In this article, we'll review how we're setting up our clients for post-launch success by focusing on a tailored approach to growing online. 

Releasing a website development project into the wild always comes with a certain level of apprehension. Weeks and months of work have built up to get to this point.

While it may have taken a fair amount of blood sweat and tears in the process, there's still plenty to be considered for how the tool will connect with the intended audience and ultimately get results. 

The internet is a highly competitive space that requires considerable amounts of effort if the intention is to build a sustainable pipeline of visitors, leads and conversations. In today's competitive online landscape, any website will be considered irrelevant to Google if left dormant post-launch. The aim should be to treat the new website app or eCommerce store as a key cornerstone for what everyone calls a digital strategy.

The first step is thinking about it in a wider context. This includes honing in the top-level objectives for the business. Once determined, they should be applied to a marketing strategy that includes the website and what it will need to do in order to be considered a success. 

At Dream Config, we work closely with our clients to maximise ROI with tailored digital marketing strategies that are scalable and tied back to specific outcomes.

For example, one of our clients Eye Spy Optometrists has seen a 20% uplift in website traffic due to ongoing SEO work, including having a targeted keyword strategy in place. The outcome now is that Eye Spy's website is contributing $15-$20k per month to the company's bottom line.

Preferred Meats have leveraged our content, SEO and email marketing services to reach and engage the catering departments of some of the largest tech giants such as Netflix, Google and Uber in their California market.

We're also about practising what we preach, which is why we've applied the logic to our own content strategy.

Check out two of our latest campaigns centred around downloadable PDFs, which help our audience gain insight into how we differentiate ourselves from other digital agencies as a custom software and design studio:

This content requires a mixture of design, development, copywriting and social media expertise which ultimately provides an end-to-end digital strategy.

The end-user can access the downloadable content in a number of different ways. We created custom signatures for our emails, social posts and blog content all pointing to one of the PDFs.

When taking that logic and directing traffic to landing pages with form-fills and making the user input their name, email address etc in return for the piece of tailored content, any business can start to build a pipeline of leads for further follow-up.

The next step is to then to reinforce the brand with an email campaign or two, pushing the user closer towards the ultimate goal of reaching out and engaging with your services. Once this is achieved, it becomes a lot simpler to analyse the impact of digital marketing on the company's bottom line.

The end result for our own campaigns mentioned above was over 100 PDF downloads and measurable increases in website traffic that allow for audience retargeting moving forward.

Answering the 'what next?' question has become an important part of our process here at Dream Config. When the aim is to grow online, we've found that having the right strategy in place can unlock limitless potential. Interested in developing your own growth strategy? Don't hesitate to get in touch

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