Ways Of Working

Using innovation to solve our clients biggest challenges.

After countless meetings with founders and managing directors of leading New Zealand and Australian PR, brand, advertising and digital agencies, we have identified a common theme - in order to offer our clients a point of difference from our competitors, we must become more innovative.


Placing emphasis on ideation and innovation as a point of difference does not simply mean coming up with a cool idea. It is now more than ever about aligning our client's brand challenges with a comprehensive approach that will provide tangible results across a wide range of customer touchpoints. In order to do so effectively our ways of working must evolve. Internally, if we are going to develop our innovative capabilities we must focus on a few core pillars:


A strong company culture that fosters creativity and attracts the right talent

Good strategic partnerships that enable us to go deeper within our core areas of expertise

The ability to provide clients with solid ideation, supported by data

At Dream Config, we are focused on how we can embrace these core pillars and apply them to our daily practice. As a result, we have developed a ways of working methodology for our agency partners, who often lack the types of insights and knowledge around how ideation, technology and data, when combined, can take a customer experience to the next level. Ultimately, if we can help support in these areas at any stage of their project, it is a win for the agency, for us and, most importantly, for the client. 

The feedback we have received from our ways of working so far has been outstanding. We are excited to continue to expand our partnerships across the creative industry landscape, to deliver our most innovative work to date. If there is any doubt that investing in culture, partnerships and great ideas is the future, then give us a call - maybe it is time we see how we can work together.

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